Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Life @141

Unlike what I expected, life does not become a blur at insane speeds like 141 kmph on a bike.

Instead it slows down...you have enough time to think, plan and execute. You develop tunnel vision. The road in front becomes the focal point. You crouch, with the XL tummy resting on the tank, head at an upward tilt. The roar of the wind inside the helmet dies down. The visor touches the nose. Your entire body acts as a big sensor for any wobble or tremor. Eyes frantically scan the road for bumps or undulations like your life depends on it, because it does.

Then the open straight ends, you come out of the full crouch and face the wind blast, which knocks off a full 20kmph, makes the helmet buffet. You slow down for others to catch up before pumping your hand and making a biker salute. 100kmph feels like 30 now. You smile and thank your favourite God for the experience.

While, in a car, you yawn.

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