Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jet Airways...sucks

I have planned a trip to Andaman in the coming holiday season. Since it's a big pain to get tickets to Port Blair at the last moment, I did all the bookings in July itself.

And because the total flight time from Mumbai to Chennai and onwards to Port Blair is 4hrs, I took the call to use the so called Full Fare airlines for comfort and reliability...and I was SO wrong.

One month after booking the tickets, I get a mail from Jet saying that they have cancelled the Chennai PortBlair flight due to "technical" reasons. Ok,shit happens, so I cancelled the Jet booking, and booked on Kingfisher Red. Thankfully, Jet gave me a full refund.

And the icing of the cake was today. I had just logged into the Jet Airways site, to choose the seats for our return journey. Since the website was not able to pull up my tickets, I called their call centre and got the biggest shock of my life. It seems that Jet has cancelled my return flight also, that too without intimating me. WTF?

And very intelligently they move the PortBlair to Chennai leg on 23rd Oct, but keep the Chennai to Bby leg on 22nd! How intelligent. And the twist to this story is that I have to be in Delhi on 23rd at any cost for the Formula 1 race, where I am volunteering as a Marshal.

I spent around 30-40 minutes on a call with their call centre agent and was given two options...

1. Move the booking to 21st or 23rd.
2. Take the PortBlair to Delhi to Mumbai flight on 22nd, which means I fly for 7 hrs, on a low cost carrier after having paid for a full fare airline.

Now I am stuck with cutting one day of my vacation short, losing money on the hotel booking.

I am quite pissed with Jet for two reasons The first and the inexcusable reason is how could they cancel the flight without telling me. Second, they are totally inflexible while offering me a ticket on some other airline on the same day, or for accommodation if I chose to extend my stay. Heck, they even refused to convert my Chennai to Bby ticket to a Chennai to Delhi ticket if I had chosen to go to Delhi directly. And this was at no extra cost to them.

I dont think I am ever going to fly Jet Airways again. Even when I have to of my very dear friends flying for that airline.

Sorry Jet Airways, but you SUCK big time...And hope and pray that these flights don't get cancelled or rescheduled!