Saturday, July 26, 2008

The lone ranger

The lone ranger
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Somewhere between Keylong and Sarchu...

The last 100...

The last 100...
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The last 100 kms to Leh were simply magic. The roads were extremely beautiful. The weather was perfect. There was no traffic. There has never been an better ride in my life till now.

I got her back...

After many many days, which seemed like months, I got her back, and also spent some quality time with her. Brought back some fond memories, a few worries, and many rocking moments spent together.

They say, distance makes the heart go fonder. I disagree. Its the reunion that makes the heart go fonder....

This post is for u, baby... :-D ;-)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Morey plains

After Pang there was 50 km stretch of plain landscape
called as MOREY PLAINS. One can cross this landscape from where ever
they feel like coz there are no roads just flat landscape with loose mud
and dust like talcum powder.

I kept following a bus, assuming that he would know the way, but after
he took a couple of U-turns, I understood that he was as lost as I was.
I was quite concerned that if I get stuck somewhere, or lose my way its
not possible for me to pull the bike out of it and spending a night at
this place is again risk for life as the flat landscape allows wind to
flow in full force and it chills like hell. I stuck to the bus as close
as possible, without blinding myself with the dust. In my mind I was
calculating the time my rations would last, and if reqd I would pile
onto the bus if it gets dark.

I finally pulled up alongside the bus and asked him if he knew the way..
And found out that he didn't. Thankfully, low on the horizon there were
a couple of trucks headed at a 90 degree tangent.. So we decided to
follow them, since they would be acquainted with the diversions better.

It was such an 'interesting' experience riding in 1 foot deep talcum
powder. My biggest fear was dropping the bike, so was riding with my
legs sticking out and skimming the surface. Now that I look at it, it
was good fun.

I have never been happier to see tarmac  :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Leh hangover, and acknowlegements...

Was just looking at my Leh pics yet again. I can hardly believe them. Can't still believe I did it. It was a dream come true. 2 years. 2 years, I was dreaming nothing but leh. Day night. Leh. Just that. All this sounds like a cliché? Believe me, it isn't. There couldn't be truer words. Those close to me at that time, know how obsessed I was with this. The feeling when I actually entered Leh is unimaginable. The last 100 kms were MAGIC. Similar was the feeling on reaching Khardung la. I know what it feels on a dream coming true.

Now that its done, its left an empty feeling in me. Its like a void which needs to be filled. I have been a little over the top lately trying hard to come to terms with life after getting Leh'd. Things have changed, and however, things in the 'real' world have not.

Before I officially close the Leh thread, a round of thanks to the following:
  1. Family - for allowing me to do Leh :)
  2. Arpan - For getting the bike done. It was perfect mate. No hiccups. Could not have done it without your help.
  3. Dr Arnob - For the slime pump, and med kit.
  4. Ryan & MV - For guidance and support.
  5. Rearset - for the massive packing list.
If i have forgotten somebody, its purely unintentional. I have a very bad memory :D
Let me know, and i will update the list.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A couple of more pics...

Dont talk and drive

Please avoid using your mobile phone while you drive..
'Coz..... i cannot follow you everywhere.....

- Special thanks to ViVi for sending this one...

Monday, July 7, 2008

khardung la

we finally made it to k-top yesterday. the weather became pretty bad
on the way back. cannot go to pangong tso today since the passes are
closed due to yesterdays rains. :-(

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Saturday, July 5, 2008


my dream finally came true. i reached leh on my bike yesterday! and what a ride!
wil post the entire log whn i get back to civilization. juley frm leh...

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

ROHTANG PASS - conquered !

Started from Manali in morning.
Crossed Rohtang at 9.25am.
Stopped for the day at Keylong 2.40pm

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Hi All,

Reached Manali yeserday. Covered @325 odd kms yesterday. All beautiful roads. Had good fun riding. The mountains sure are quite intimidating when riding on a bike...

Tomorrow will be starting off for Keylong. Night halt there, and then on to Sarchu for the second night halt.

Final leg will be Sarchu to Leh.

Here are a few pics taken till now. Might not have connectivity till Leh.

Cheers mates!!!