Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mark in history

Today we have woken up to witness history.
Congratulations India and ISRO for successful MARS space mission.

First country in the world to be successful in its maiden MARS mission attempt  ( yes US and Russia failed in their initial attempts and China is yet to succeed ) , at a budget less than that of hollywood movie GRAVITY ( movie budget 100 million ) , in a record preparation time of 15 months only, using many indegenious innovative  techniques ( like sling shot method to push the satellite out of earths sphere of influence ). 

It cost India only 73 million dollars for this mission ( the least expensive Boeing plane costs 76 million dollars )

All this for a organization that has a budget less than 0.038% of Indian GDP ( compare that to NASA budget of 0.1% of American GDP) . It proves that if you stop dreaming , you stop progressing.
Should this achievement be surprising for a country which taught the world to count by giving them number " ZERO" ? I guess not . This is a new dawn in ISRO and India's fortune.  Let's hope that we become leaders in space technology.

Proud to be an Indian !!

Disclaimer: This came to me as a forward. I have no idea who is the original author.