Monday, April 16, 2007

My weekend...

Had a very interesting weekend.

As planned I had gone to Reddy's garage for overhauling my bike. Plans on to re-do the entire thing, with loads of modifications and changes.

I shall be publishing the list of all the changes and their prices soon. Watch this space.

Also will take this opportunity to thank Arpan, who was there with me all the time to help out. Right from going to chembur to pick up the Zapper Q to going to Reddy's place.

Thanks Arpan mate. I owe u one. (As always...)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Dressing up my bike...

Planning to get new shoes for the lady in red. Yeah, that's my bike.

Have been pondering about modifying my bike for a long time now. Finally decided to go ahead with the mods. Am doing a lot of things, like changing the tyres, new faring, new swing arm et al.

These changes should last me for atleast 1-2 more years. After that its going to be a real sports bike for me.

Talking about sports bikes, i loved the P200. It fits me like a glove. Very smooth and refined. Excellent riding position. Like its made for me. Purrrrfect.

Will post the pics of the modded bike soon.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bomb evacuation drill today

We had a bomb evacuation drill today.

Was kind of funny. The instructions were to leave every thing and rush to the assembly area. We had someone from the bomb squad to address us.

Among the things which he mentioned, he told us to get all our personal things during evacuation, and leave our cupboards unlocked - which was in clear contradiction to what the instructions we got.

Secondly, shouldent the evacuation area be FAR from the building? Definately not next to the basement. Also, woulden't it be easier to plant the bomb in the assembly area and then make an hoax call? Duh!!