Friday, November 28, 2008

War on Mumbai - Stirred and Shaken

I used to be one of them who used to brush himself off, and head to office the next day. Have seen enough blasts, and have had dad/sister/friend & family narrowly miss the Ghatkopar blast. One of my very dear friend was even in the damn bus in which a bomb went off.
Each time, the freaking media 'salutes' the Bombay spirit. Crap. Its because nobody has a choice.

We really do not need moronic politicians trying to milk the situation for a few votes. Why don't you guys do some 'real' work instead? What is the point in making visits to The Taj, and causing even more distractions? Can't you spare a thought for the poor police guys who are on 'bandobast' duty trying to sanitize the roads? What difference did u make by visting there? If you really have the balls, go inside, and flush the terrorists out.

Today, stepping out of home after a day at home stuck to the telly, has not been without apprehension. Each incident like this kills something inside me. I really don't know how much more I, or rather we, can take it.

Right now, my thoughts are with the police and the NSG commandos who are doing their best to finish the terrorists.

Im totally stirred and shaken.

PS: There must be something, which we can do? However small, but there must be something, other than sitting around and blaming the system? At the cost of sounding clich├ęd, I really am sick and tired of being at the receiving end.
PPS: Read the Big B's blog here. This is exactly how I feel.

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