Monday, November 10, 2008

Black Blurr-The Exorcist - Followup

Finally back home yesterday. Was quite a trip, with its share of breakdowns, spills and thrills.

Personally, it was a learning experience riding all night. I am no longer afraid of it. In some ways, it is better than day time rides with less traffic, no morons crossing the roads, no animals on the road. At the same time, drowsiness is a major issue.

Stats: Took the Mumbai - Lonavala - Talegaon - Shikrapur - Ahmednagar - Aurngabad - Jalna - Sultanpur - Lonar route. Total of 525kms, one way.
While going we took 16hrs to reach due to the breakdowns, spills, and drowsiness setting in.
Return journey was done in 12 hrs flat. Was a beautiful, but gruelling ride. The ZMA is an awesome highway tourer. We were doing 90-100kmph 90% of the time. I am sure, I could not have done this ride on my Pulsar. The vibes would have been killing.

Ummm... wondering whats next :-)