Wednesday, November 5, 2008


How many of you have the habit of taking a step back in life, and looking at the big picture at time intervals? Check where you are headed, and check where you want to be?

How many of you are willing to the wrong things for the right cause? Taking a tactical decision, which might seem myopic, but will work out in the long run?


Gotta Be Max said...

Not as often as I would like.

Amitabh said...

For the first part, (I assume) most of us (includes me)dont "step back" and for part two, I think all of us compromise heavily on a ongoing basis. I think all of us are (1-Howard Roark) - which means we are the other extreme.
I would be surprised if any one living in the new world order believes we are not making tactical (or otherwise) compromises.
The weird part is, most people I talk to in the world we (as in you and me) inhabit, seem to be where they are as a last recourse. Which means, it bugs me to often hear that "Oh if I had a million in the kitty, then I would quit this shit-pot job and would be instead starting up a restaurant (most common dream for folks!!) or I would be learning music (another common dream!!). These examples itself should indicate, as a whole, we no longer participate (in a family or at work or in a social setting) because we enjoy, but rather because we are either expected to, or have no alternativer choice.