Friday, August 31, 2007

The Root Canal...

I am undergoing a root canal.

I went through the supposedly worst part last week, and what did i find out? Well, it was not that bad.
Mentioning the word Root Canal brings out the sympathy from everyone, but as I found out, the fears were unjustified.

It essentially comprises of cleaning up the infected nerve from inside the root canal. The dentist uses files - essentially like the soft-board pins - to clean up the inner part, and once every bit of muck is out, then some sort of rubber is inserted in the newly created hole, and sealed with some quick setting cement. This is the temporary cap. Next comes the permanent cap. That's it. The tooth's as good as new.

Thanks to Dr. Arnob, I actually had good fun during the entire procedure ;-)


Mad Max said...

well its a pity Ive never been to a dentist, I believe the nurses are particularly er, how do I put it, oglelicious?

Hrishi said...

umm, the case is different with Dr Arnob. He has a male assistant.

Max said...

? something is amiss my friend, I recommend you find another dentist, asap! :-D