Friday, August 17, 2007

Armchair riding helps…

I am an armchair rider. 90% of my riding is done while commuting from Home to office and back. The rest is done on the online forums.

Does being a armchair rider help?

As comes from my experience today morning, it does.

I was caging it to work today morning. As usually, the roads were muddy, and with heavy traffic. I was in the second lane, with a biker to my right. In front him was a Scorpio.

Suddenly he tried to pass between the Scorpio and my car. At that moment, the scorpio braked and this bugger went straight into the scorpio.

He hit the scorpio and fell right in front of me. I had already stopped by the time he crossed over to my lane.

Thankfully, it was a low speed crash and all he had to show was a muddy pair of pants.

Point is that something told me that things were not going right. And I presume that it is because of the awareness built by reading so many posts and mails about safe and defensive driving.

Three cheers to all those who promote safe riding. For those who are new to biking, and want to improve, here are the links


Ride safe.

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