Monday, August 27, 2007

Hyderabad Blasts...

The terrorists are at it again :(

When I heard of the blasts in Hyderabad on TV, I got on the phone to my S-I-L and a very close friend there. The surprising part is that both of them were unaware of such an incident taking place.
Its almost as if the TV news channel knew of them, even before they occurred.

Looking at the levels they can stoop to raise TRP's I wouldn't be surprised if one of the news channels knew about it before hand.

The gory-ness of the entire coverage has reached new heights. (or is it depths). They are now using shock value to raise viewership. I miss those old B&W days.

One thing which I fail to understand is, who are these against?
I can understand if its done by Religion A versus Religion B. But here, the victims are of both religions!!!

Who stands to gain from such deed?
Surely not the terrorists. The shock value only lasts for days. Public memory is short.
The government? I don't think so.
The ubiquitous foreign hand? Maybe, but isn't it obvious?
Then who???

But one thing is for sure. Someone's life has changed... forever.

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