Friday, July 27, 2007

Rich Dad Poor Dad...

Some random thoughts from Rich Dad Poor Dad.
A MUST read.

"The avoidance of money is just as psychotic as being attached to money."
"Be an observer, not a reactor, to your emotions. Most people do not know that it's their emotions that are doing the thinking.
Your emotions are your emotions, but you have got to learn to do your own thinking."
"Once a person stops searching for information and knowledge of one's self, ignorance sets in.
That struggle is a moment-to-moment decision-to learn to open or close one's mind."
"Learn to use your emotions to think, not think with your emotions."
"If you are going to build the Empire State Building, the first thing you need to do is dig a deep hole and pour a strong foundation. If you are going to build a home in the suburbs, all you need to do is pour a 6-inch slab of concrete. Most people, in their drive to get rich, are trying to build an Empire State Building on a 6-inch slab."


zac said...

I saw this book, browsed through it, and then kept it back, though I was getting it 2nd hand for the price of two vending machine coffees ($1). From what I quickly grasped, the priorities of the author and my priorities do not match.

But if the reader's values and the writer's values are indeed similar, then it is a fantastic book to read, and follow.

Hrishi said...

Maybe, its time you retrospect to check if the current values still hold water???

My 2 cents.