Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fieldsheer Jacket & Gloves - review

As you would already know, I am the proud owner of a spanking new riding kit.

Following are some of the positives and negatives on each

Fieldsheer mesh jacket
The jacket is much better than what I expected. The quality is really good. The elbow armor is hard plastic and foam. It also extends till the forearms. The back protector comprises of three pieces. One is the removable foam inner, second is the embossed foam in the back, and the third is of dense rubber/foam for the lower back.
It also has a couple of inside pockets for a mobile and misc stuff. Shipped with is was a rain inner, which i feel is useless for more than 10 drops of water ;-) But then, you cant expect a mesh jacket to be waterproof...

The only sore point in the entire package, is the shoulder armor. Its made of dense foam, without the hard plastic backing. I am thinking of replacing it with a better armor.

Fieldsheer Mach 6 gloves
The gloves are a little bit of a disappointment for me. The reason for this is that they seem to be very flimsy. Although, i must say that, it is reinforced at the impact points, like, for example, the palm is leather, with gel dots on the upper part and memory foam padding on the lower palm. It also has a hard knuckle armour on the back. The sore point is the material used to join the front of the palm to the back part. This material feels like its lycra. :-(

Alpinestar Reflex knee guards
Well, as they say, one size fits all :) And it does. The quality is excellent. Even the straps to secure them are of excellent quality. One concern is that the knee cap, does not bend with the knee. I hope that this does not cause the guard to shift when taking a fall, otherwise the entire purpose is defeated.
I am considering adding one more strap to the top part of the knee guard, which will anchor it to the knee.

Overall, very good value for money, specially, due to the weakening of the dollar :)

My advice, go get it...

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