Sunday, October 11, 2009

Red Bull spotted on the Sea Link

Trust me on this. DC is in this car. Went over the entire track before firing the engine.

The Indian Navy too was having a little fun. They added to the fun factor with their low altitude fly by's.

And, this is the real thing. It lasted for half a millisecond, and I gave up trying to click pics. The sight and sound of the F1 car at this range, is something to be experienced. WOW.

And this is what he left behind. Fresh tyre marks, and indelible memories.

Whatta experience! Thank you DC. Thank you Red Bull. Yes. You put me on Cloud 9.
FYI - Cloud 9 indulged in guerrilla marketing, and were distributing their cans for free at the venue. I guess, all's fair in F1

We had been standing in the sun since 12 to get good spots. The heat was killing. The crowd was unbelievable. The noise deafening.
Will I do it again? HELL, YES.

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