Friday, October 9, 2009

My tryst with the banshee...

I had been to Nirmal Lifestyle today to have a look see at the Red Bull Formula 1 car on display. I expected to see a cordoned off area, heavy crowds, and the car a mile away.

Well, it was a pleasant surprise to see light crowds, and was able to see the car from close range. Not for the first time, the SLR gave me special access to normally cordoned off areas :D

AND, the icing on the cake was that they were starting and revving the car at regular intervals. Im at a loss of words to describe the sound/music.
Its not a wail, its not a whine. It rumbles when idling, and screams like a banshee when revved. GOD. I still am getting goosebumps when replaying the sound in my mind. Imagine the effect in an huge enclosed area. AWESOME. AWESOME. AWESOME.
The only sound that comes close to it is that of a SU30 at close range.

Here are a few pics...

Oh, and I almost laid a hex on the DJ who turned up his volume every time the pit crew fired up the engine. MORON.

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