Friday, July 25, 2008

Morey plains

After Pang there was 50 km stretch of plain landscape
called as MOREY PLAINS. One can cross this landscape from where ever
they feel like coz there are no roads just flat landscape with loose mud
and dust like talcum powder.

I kept following a bus, assuming that he would know the way, but after
he took a couple of U-turns, I understood that he was as lost as I was.
I was quite concerned that if I get stuck somewhere, or lose my way its
not possible for me to pull the bike out of it and spending a night at
this place is again risk for life as the flat landscape allows wind to
flow in full force and it chills like hell. I stuck to the bus as close
as possible, without blinding myself with the dust. In my mind I was
calculating the time my rations would last, and if reqd I would pile
onto the bus if it gets dark.

I finally pulled up alongside the bus and asked him if he knew the way..
And found out that he didn't. Thankfully, low on the horizon there were
a couple of trucks headed at a 90 degree tangent.. So we decided to
follow them, since they would be acquainted with the diversions better.

It was such an 'interesting' experience riding in 1 foot deep talcum
powder. My biggest fear was dropping the bike, so was riding with my
legs sticking out and skimming the surface. Now that I look at it, it
was good fun.

I have never been happier to see tarmac  :)

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Pheno-Menon said...

1 foot talcum powder....thats a new one.... i keep struggling in explaining the sand to those who haven't seen it...

BTW i had a fall right into that talcum powder. The best part was that my kick pedal had already broken down at pang!!!