Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Leh hangover, and acknowlegements...

Was just looking at my Leh pics yet again. I can hardly believe them. Can't still believe I did it. It was a dream come true. 2 years. 2 years, I was dreaming nothing but leh. Day night. Leh. Just that. All this sounds like a cliché? Believe me, it isn't. There couldn't be truer words. Those close to me at that time, know how obsessed I was with this. The feeling when I actually entered Leh is unimaginable. The last 100 kms were MAGIC. Similar was the feeling on reaching Khardung la. I know what it feels on a dream coming true.

Now that its done, its left an empty feeling in me. Its like a void which needs to be filled. I have been a little over the top lately trying hard to come to terms with life after getting Leh'd. Things have changed, and however, things in the 'real' world have not.

Before I officially close the Leh thread, a round of thanks to the following:
  1. Family - for allowing me to do Leh :)
  2. Arpan - For getting the bike done. It was perfect mate. No hiccups. Could not have done it without your help.
  3. Dr Arnob - For the slime pump, and med kit.
  4. Ryan & MV - For guidance and support.
  5. Rearset - for the massive packing list.
If i have forgotten somebody, its purely unintentional. I have a very bad memory :D
Let me know, and i will update the list.


Guljinder Singh said...

You should have Thanked Indian Railways.
Had the train not been delayed, I was in full preparation to abduct you and then fill in myself on the extra bike ;-)

Hitanshu said...

What about the original DusWePass planners? :D

Hrishi said...

@Hits :)

Yes, original planners... Thanks Nav & Arpan for all the guidance :)