Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shot at

My life is getting stranger. I am moving from a very 'normal' life to something of a anomaly. Last year it was the fire during Diwali. I mean, what are the chances of experiencing your home on fire?
And yesterday, an even rarer thing occured. Someone shot at our window. Its not a bullet which pierced, but its a BB gun, with enough speed to cleanly pierce the window. Thankfully, we have installed window film on the glass, otherwise it would have been very very messy.
The worrisome part is that dad was sitting next to the window...barely a couple of feet from the place of impact. Even when I was looking at the damage, there was this small thought in my head imagining it to be in someone's cross hairs.
Hopefully this was an one off case...but the memory remains...

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