Thursday, February 17, 2011

Desert Storm 2011 - Best places to view the action

Following are the best locations to view all the action, up close and personal.

February 21st:
Hotel Cambay Grand, Ahmedabad
Time: 0800~1800
This is venue for scrutiny and documentation checks. You can be there to watch all the rally cars in their colourful livery.

February 22nd:
Hotel Cambay Grand, Ahmedabad
Time: 1000~1300
Watch the ceremonial flag off and cheer the stormers.

Lakhervelara (Indraprastha), Bhuj
Time: 1800~2000
Watch the start of first special stage. It is a night run.

February 23rd:
Tropic of Cancer, Khavda Road, Bhuj
Time: 1000~1400
Watch the stage mid way as the rally crosses this road from west to east. You can park near by and walk in to the stage in either direction to catch more action. Also watch service park action after the stage is over.

Bus Stop, Lorai, Khavda Road, Bhuj
Time: 1030~1300
The rally crosses the road from east to west here. They enter the firing range with absolute flat out White Rann towards the west.

Dhrodo Camp, Bhuj:
Time 0900~1800
Watch the rally start, service camp and the end. Enjoy vistas of White Rann.

February 24th:
Dhrodo Camp, Bhuj:
Time: 0600~9000
Watch the rally start, service camp and the end. Enjoy vistas of White Rann.

Lakhervelara (Indraprastha), Bhuj
Time: 0700~1100
Watch the flying finish as the rally ends the Rann stages and moves to the Thar Desert.

Fatehpur on Barmer-Jaisalmer NH15:
Time: 1800~2100
Watch the start of section.
You can also go to Dungri in between the stage from Vanjorai to watch the fast paced action and make some excellent shots. This is a night stage.

February 25th:
Time: 0700~1000
Watch the stage start and then first DZ-FZ action. Devikot is 40kms from Jaisalmer towards Barmer. Side road from here goes to Rasla-Sankra-Pokharan

Time: 0800~1300
There are three points near Pokharan where you can catch the rally as it crosses the small country roads.
The first is at Naniyayi on the Pokharan-Sankra road. Easy to walk in to the section with wide open spaces. Excellent day time shooting possibility.
The second is Meghlaon-Ki_Basti on the Pokharan-Phalsund road
The third is at Jhaleria dry lake bed. Really fast paced shots if you are willing to walk a bit in to the lake bed after parking your car in tarmac road.

Kana Ji-Ki-Sird, NH15 Bap:
Watch the second stage of the day running next to the railway line. If you are lucky you may get a shot of rally racing a train! K'Sird is about 15kms from Bap, between Jaisalmer-Bikaner.

Lalgarh Palace, Bikaner:
Capture the evening and night shots of the rally as it winds up for the day against the magnificent backdrop of this heritage property.

February 26th:
Sheruna, NH11, Near Bikaner:
The rally action is all around this sleepy village about 50kms from Bikaner towards Jaipur. The two stage starts are within 10~15kms from here. As are three DZ-FZ zones.
If you are willing to walk 3 odd kms in to the stage starting from Napasar you can catch spectacular flying cars as they come down a steep dune.
Though the best video to capture would at Pundrasar on a side road about 20kms away. Watch the cars as they struggle to climb a dune.

February 27th:
Ringus, NH11, Near Chomu/Jaipur.
The last stage of the rally is a night stage that ends here. You can watch night action as the cars come to stop at end of stage through river bed.

Time: 0500~0900
The final rally regroup befor the transport to Delhi.

The Grand, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi
Time: 1400~1800
Watch the podium finish and champagne showers as finishers take the podium. Pomp and show.

Courtesy Sudev

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