Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I have finally decided on a name for the ZMA.
Hereby, she is going to be called as BLACK BLURR.

PS: The extra R is for luck ;-)


Shrinivas Krishnamurthy said...

Nice name for the zma. My bro has a Red Zma R, which did Mumbai to Chennai soon as it was delivered from the showroom. It's now been big bored to 234 cc, and we've hit speeds of 140 on the NH4 between Mumbai and Kolhapur. Cruising on the zma is a dream, easily the best bike your money can buy in India.

Stella is an Rx 135 4 speed...Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'll share some pics of Stella,


Shrinivas Krishnamurthy said...

nice blog you got here dude. Thanks for the comment on mine. Stella can be experienced visually at

My bro has a souped up Zma R (Elsie), who has been bored up to 234 cc, and hits 140 kmph easily, even with a 100+ kilo rider on her. Easiest decision to make...buying a Zma is just so unavoidable if you want a quality build.

Amitabh said...

I am glad the Black Blurr is in safe hands.
I am blog-rolling you. Really nice reading up some of your stuff.
I have an admission....I carried a few impressions of you, this blog is making me turn them upside down.

Hrishi said...

Thank you sir!
Now im a little curious about the initial impressions... :)