Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My ride to Malshej

I finally went for a ride yesterday. After months of planning and plotting, it finally happened. I rode.

The road to Malshej is fabulous with awesome twisties. Hats off to Doc Arn for suggesting this destination over our regular Lonavala.

The weather Gods also blessed us with equally great weather, with dry roads and comfortable temperatures.

We started off from Powai in the morning, and a couple of brief halts later, were at the base of the twisties.

Here, as decided, we broke formation, and everyone was going at their comfortable pace.

Yes, thats yours truly astride Phoenix. This was the first time I was trying the Fieldsheer mesh riding jacket, the Mach 6 gloves, and the Alpinestar knee pads for a long ride.

Must say, that the jacket works brillant and you can actually feel the breeze when moving.
I had a lovely time leaning right over on curves. Cant wait to go back there again !!!

Meet Phoenix. Resting after a long climb.

The pics are clicked by Harshad Sharma, who as you can see is a great photographer. Check out the rest of the pics here.

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Nalin Bakshi said...

Hi man!
Nice write up , loved the pics. But where are ur pics?